gifto ico alt coin cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Newest Coin GIFTO Sells Out ICO in a Minute

gifto ico alt coin cryptocurrency

China’s newest start-up Gifto have completed their public ICO with tremendous results.

Gifto is a decentralized Universal Gifting Protocol which allows users to send digital gifts through the blockchain.

“GIFTO Protocol allows for the creation and exchange of virtual gifts, built on smart contracts and blockchain technology, that in turn will create a decentralized consumer-driven virtual economic system.”

gifto ico cryptocurrency


This was Binance’s first time partnering with a company for their ICO and by the success of the introductory event, this is just the beginning.  Users will now be able to purchase ICO coins directly through Binance.

The public sale offered 30 million Gifto coins at .00014290 ETH or .03500000 BNB and all coins offered sold out within 98 and 131 seconds respectively.  Tokens will be received within 30 days of the ICO’s closing.

Gifto has recently partnered with Kyber Network as well as Justin Sun’s highly anticipated Tron (TRX) to name a few industry known backers.


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