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Andreas Antonopoulos Bitcoin Q&A: Net Neutrality and Open Blockchains

This was part of the first monthly live Patreon Q&A session on November 27th, 2017



How do you see the removal of Net Neutrality impacting block chains?

The removal of Net Neutrality will have an impact on broadband connection in the US.  The problem with the system we have now is that the local loop last mile is bundled with telecom providers, where in other countries they have a local loop unbundling, which means that local providers are required to sell that last mile connection to 3rd party service providers, which means there’s a lot more variety of internet service providers.

In the US, if you are lucky, you are located in an area that may offer 2-3 providers, most people only have one option.

So Net Neutrality is a big issue because there isn’t really any competition. This is an entirely controlled, licensed based, monopoly Cartel market that has had very little competition since AT&T broke up in the 70’s.  The market has become more and more centralized.

If Net Neutrality is repealed we are going to see some nasty things when it comes to broadband in the US.

Blockchains won’t be affected.  This may generate more demand for VPNs, routing, tunneling, and other stealth services to make it appear that traffic is going to one of the service providers that your ISP allows.

Centralization is an attack on the freedom of the internet, the removal of peer to peer capabilities of the internet, centralization of routing, preferential routing, blocking caps and slow downs. These are going to be interpreted by the network as an attack and the network should respond with stealth, evasion, reroutings, and VPNs, which should be funded with blockchains.

Blockchains will be able to evade.  Services are global.  There’s already been launches of satellite services (not the satellites themselves, that’s been there, but the use of commercial satellite bandwidth in order to propagate blocks and transactions. Its too late for them to stop all this.




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