Request Network Colossus is Here!

Request Network’s highly anticipated Colossus phase main *demo feature* and 1st version of Request working on a testnet is live at

request network colossus

What you can do with the first version of Request on the testnet:
  • Connect to your wallet with Metamask
  • Create and send a request in ETH
  • Pay a request in ETH
  • Pay a request multiple times
  • Update a request (add a subtract as the payee or an additional as the payer)
  • Check your requests associated with an ETH address

Request Network has been teasing holders the past few weeks on the drop of the Colossus features being ready.  REQ has been a bit dormant the beginning half of December sitting between $.20-25 USD.  There was a large surge after the Colossus announcement hitting an all-time-high of .39.

req spike

The Request Network alpha test net release will be a good indicator of how REQ will work with Ethereum.  A few more surges in price are sure to happen even before 2018 the Great Wall hits.  Request is already operating ahead of roadmap schedule, Q1 2018 will be big for REQ.


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