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Roger Ver Takes Credit For Making Andreas Antonopoulos Rich

Our favorite Roger Ver, in his usual form, has left this little gem on Reddit today.

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For those of you who don’t know the back story, Bitcoin frontman Andreas Antonopoulos recently opened a Patreon account.  Patrons would help fund travel costs for Andreas to speak at conferences as well as other expenses to help Andreas so he could continue his work in Bitcoin.  Supporters would be rewarded with early-access to videos, meet-and-greets at speaking events, and the satisfaction of knowing they’re helping the Bitcoin community as a whole.

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Roger Ver took it upon himself to voice his opinion on how Andreas should have managed his early Bitcoin funds better so he would not need to ask patrons for support.  Andreas took to Reddit to share his feelings in a post most of us who are not self-made millionaires before the age of 30 could relate to found here.

Legions of members of the crypto-community, high profile to anonymous average joes, came together and donated over $1.6 million (and still counting) to Andreas wallet.  Andreas responded with shock and gratitude.

Roger Ver has been under scrutiny as of late with the launch of the Bitcoin hard fork derived BCash.  I suppose it’s understandable how he could continue to want to voice his opinion on Andreas’s accomplishments.  Perhaps he didn’t receive the response he was hoping for on BCash, or maybe he’s jealous of the communities view on “Bitcoin God” Andreas.  Antonopoulos has not responded.

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