Is Waltonchain Coin WTC a Sleeping Giant?

China has become a front runner when it comes to innovating new technology that can be incorporated with blockchains and cryptocurrencies.  If you blink you will miss the next big ICO, but it is never too late!  Waltonchain (WTC) has seemed to fly under the radar of altcoins but it’s big pumps are starting to catch the eyes over overseas investors as the next greatest project to come from China.

waltonchain coin

Waltonchain WTC is a China based company who’s main focus is promoting and implementing of RFID applications in combination with decentralized blockchain technology.   Waltonchain is named after Charles Walton, the investor of RFID technology.  RFID utilizes electromagnetic fields to recognize and trace tags appended to objects spontaneously. The passive tags, which contain information electronically, obtain energy from radio waves of a RFID reader nearby.

Waltonchain will be a core innovator of the Internet Of Things (IoT) and if successful will be implemented at industry wide levels.  It is expected to resolve a series of severe problems existing in storage, retail shops and after-sale service for the traditional clothing industry.  The whole business processes can be achieved for the logistics industry by matching multi-scenario block chain data structure, including full-path logistics information linking, store pickup, pricing, order placing, packing and storage, sorting and distribution, store management, dispatching, customer signature, customer assessment and feedback; taking advantages of non-modification and open traceability of personal identity verification and block chain records based on RFID.

It is aimed at building safe and reliable point-to-point logistics information channel for the customers and providing business automation management information platform for the logistics company to avoid lost, delayed and wrong orders on a systematic basis.

The chain has the core parent chain called WaltonChain in which the token WaltonCoin is issued for circulation and payment. WaltonCoin has the circulating supply of 100 million tokens and will not create more which will increase value for investors.

The major functions of WaltonCoin are:

(1) creating sub chains by any user who has WaltonCoin

(2) distributing dividend interest obtained from the transaction fee to the node wallets

(3) forming credit and mortgage system via smart contracts

(4) creating distributed asset exchange

(5) allowing distributed voting and governance with secure and anonymous voting

(6) building decentralized exchange like many other cryptocurrencies


Many are comparing Walton to Neo, where you will own the token as well as receive dividends.  Sounds like an easy path to buy early, forget about it, then sit back and receive passive income.  I’m always a bit weary of coins that over dividends or other shares with out seeing numbers or completed working product.  WTC can be huge if implemented at mass levels.  If Waltonchain can deliver their 4 phase roadmap, with it’s system being an extension of IoT technology, Waltonchain can soon be found in stores across several industries.

waltonchain wtc

Walton has slipped under the radar outside of China markets but is started to garner the interest of all investors.  The past month has seen almost a double in price with an all-time-high of $12.10.  It may be a good time to get it on this sleeping giant while the price is still reasonable.  I like the sound of passive income from dividends, but is it too good to be true?

You can buy WTC on Binance, Coinnest, Kucoin, HitBTC, Etherdelta, OKEx, Coinrail, Coss,, Decentrex, and Allcoin.


To get an even more indepth look and see Waltonchain in action, check out Boxmining’s video (3 parts) on visiting WTC headquarters.




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