Malicious Attacks on EtherDelta – Be Aware

Tis the season for fake ICOs and phishing sites, Etherdelta is the latest victim.  They have just posted a notice regarding attacks that accessed their DNS servers and advise no one to use the site until further notice.


It’s always your number one priority to be cautious about cryptocurrency scams.  The market is still very new and one of the main reason we fight for the cryptocurrency market, decentralization and deregulation, is also unfortunately the reason why criminals are finding new and different ways to scam people out of the crypto.  Most scams are actually not new in usage, as phishing, spoofing, malware links, or just baiting someone for their private information has been around as long as the internet.  They are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for.

Until further notice from EtherDelta, do not trade or even try to access the site.  The EtherDelta site may be compromised and opening it may result in lost funds. If you are using BLUE beta, MetaMask, or a Ledger you should be safe. But we still do not recommend visiting ED until it’s resolved.

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