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Request Network First Update of Jan 2018

Request Network has kicked off the first week of the new year gaining almost a 100% increase hitting an all time high of $1.17.  The sleeping giant laid dormant most of December ’17 and began doubling up almost every week since Christmas.  request network dollar

The Request Team has released a new update January 5 on their official blog.

They note the impressive growth in the past few weeks and give a brief description of what Request Network is for the newly interested.

To recall: The Request protocol aims to formalize financial flows on the blockchain by setting the standard for payments, invoicing, accounting, and auditing in cryptocurrencies, so that crypto-enthusiasts can invoice, get paid, and get their salary in crypto.

The team also announced the release of their JS Library to allow developers to contribute and create on top of the Request Network.  An early example of an iOS app built on Request.

Request has also been added to a new exchange which could have also played a role in the massive surges. The REQ token is now tradable on OKEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong.

With Colossus successfully dropped, the next step in the roadmap for the Request Work is the Great Wall.  The Great Wall will be an even busier time for Request as this is the period their product’s Mainnet will be launched.  Their Testnet was released in the end of December during Colossus.  Shortly after they will focus on implementing other cryptocurrencies besides ETH to be used in transactions.

In addition, the ‘Pay with Request’ project, an online button offering an alternative to the traditional Paypal or Credit Card option, will be completed this quarter. One of the main complaints from non-crypto users is how complicated sending and receiving crypto can be.  Implementing the blockchain system to be completed with a press of a button or a single swipe would definitely simplify the process and be less intimidating.

The Request team will also continue working on security audits for their smart contracts as well as developing new partnerships with large accounting, payment, and audit firms.
There will be a lot going on during the Request Network’s Great Wall period.  They have emphasized that this quarter’s main focus will be releasing Mainnet and growing the Request Network ecosystem.  All though REQ’s team isn’t that vocal on social media as other coins, so far the work and progress has been speaking for itself.  The team continues to deliver on time with their vision quickly coming to fruition.

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