Telegram ICO is Biggest Ever at $2Billion

The much anticipated ICO for encrypted messaging app Telegram has increased it’s target goal from $1.2billion to an astounding $2billion USD. This amount would make Telegram’s ICO the largest amount of funds looking to be raised in the history of cryptocurrency ICO’s. $100million alone is said to be allocated to salaries, offices, and consultants. This will be a very ambitious project that actually might have the following to make it happen.

Telegram has reserved $850million in private sale tokens that will be allocated to large investors and will offer $1.15billion in a public ICO sale in March. Demand has been so high that a secondary market has already formed where some pre-ICO allocation are already offered to resell since the price of the public ICO in March is forecast to be twice as high.

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, is creating a payment platform using multi-blockchain architecture that will be integrated with the Telegram app and it’s millions of users. Users will be able to use Grams to pay for content and services that will be provided by Telegram and other decentralized services. The expected date of Telegram’s token to be listed is January 2019.

There was a recent leak of Telegram’s Whitepaper which further details their roadmap and funds allocation.


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