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Top Youtube Philly Defranco Shilling BAT Basic Attention Token

Cryptocurrency has been hitting the mainstream and much like other companies who want to promote their product, celebrity endorsements (e-celebs) can have a huge impact. It’s not surprising at all that popular internet personalities are getting in on crypto mania. Phillip DeFranco is one of the top Youtube content creators and hosts a daily pop-news show.  His Youtube account boasts almost 6 million subscribers and his other social media’s have followers also in the millions. The man has a far reach and millions of young teenage and even adult viewers tune in daily to get their news source from Phillip.

Phillip seems to be keen on crypto and all though never directly shills his coins to his impressionable viewers, he has been talking about Basic Attention Token (BAT) a lot.  Earlier in the day he tweeted his users telling them to sign up to BAT’s product the Brave browser, an browser that anonymously monitors user attention, then rewards publishers accordingly with BATs.

phil defranco bat

Youtube and various other platforms content creators have been struggling with having their content demonetized due to ad restrictions. These types of decentralized content payment system cryptos have been very big with the Youtube community.

Phillip also contained a brief segment dedicated to BAT and the Brave browser on his daily web news show posted today Jan 17th.

He continues with his appeal to content creators on how BAT and the Brave browser is an alternative to releasing content from the traditional methods. I wouldn’t be surprised if other big Youtubers start getting in on the game. Whether they truly believe in these new decentralized platforms and want to find new ways to deliver content, or they’re getting paid to shill, it’s always important to know everyone has their own agenda. Phillip DeFranco is a nice guy, I doubt he would scam anyone for a few bucks, but he’s not a financial analyst. I haven’t looked over BAT’s whitepaper in depth, so I have no opinion on it’s validity.  I’m not really being sold on BAT here, I’m getting sold on Philly D selling his viewers BAT.

This new trend of popular social media influencers promoting cryptocurrency is going to grow ten-folds. Soon everyone with any type of audience will be team *various coin* and these types of videos and tweets will do a lot to drive prices.  This is why you must always do your own research, now more than ever.  Coins can now be inflated to insane numbers do to popularity with no actual working product by people with no actual backgrounds in crypto. It’s difficult to navigate real information through that which has it’s own agenda, this is the nature of advertising. Luckily in crypto, you buy the rumor and sell the news.

phillip defranco crypto


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