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Waltonchain Wins the 2018 Outstanding Blockchain Company Award

Waltonchain was one of many new tech start-ups invited to the first Summit Forum of Blockchain in Southeast Asia. On January 19th the exclusive event was held in Bangkok, Thailand and had the main theme of “Drive Innovation – Link to the Future”. The Summit Forum has Government support of the Kingdom of Thailand and is looked at as way to continue Asia’s technological innovations. Other attendees included the Chairman of the World One Belt One Road Initiative Foundation, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, the Vice President of the National Assembly of Thailand, the Consultant of the Prime Minister of Thailand State Council, the Ambassador of Malaysia to the Kingdom of Thailand, as well as 2000 representatives of organizations from ASEAN countries, leading international blockchain technology institutions and high-level enterprises.

Popular topics like block chain industry related policies, dapp innovations, technological innovation, and investments were the focus. By the end of the gala there were awards appointed to the most innovative companies of 2017, Waltonchain won the coveted 2018 Outstanding Blockchain Company award.
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Waltonchain was awarded not only for the company’s achievements in Southeast Asia, but also as acknowledgement as one of the main companies the Summit will help lay a solid foundation for further block chain development in the region.

WTC has already had an amazing Q1 and have many more amazing plans of action for the rest of 2018. This year’s main focus will be building real-world applications using the Waltonchain technology, building global partnerships on a larger scale, and continuing to innovate and develop the Waltonchain system.



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