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WWE Star Maharaja is a HODLER

Another celebrity has outted themselves as a cryptocurrency hodler, this time WWE wrestling giant “The Maharaja”.  The Maharaja, born Yuvraj Singh Dhesi tweeted out his enthusiasm for the crypto markets as well as his holdings, and it looks like the usual suspects.

maharaja crypto

It seems the Indo-Canadian pro wrestler is a fan of ADA, XRP, TRX, XVG, ETN, TEL, SNOV, XLM, NEBL, and IOTA. He has also expressed interest into the DIME coin. The Maharaja currently has 270k followers who are being exposed to his tweets about cryptocurrencies. The recent trend of celebrities giving a shout out to the crypto world and mainstream companies implementing blockchain technology into their traditional models are showing adaption at a rapid pace. The legitimacy of the once reputed shady cryptocurrency industry is no longer the biggest concern of potential investors rather what currency to invest in is now the million dollar question.


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