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Tron TRX English Version of Pet Store Game Live

Tron has launched the English version of their first game Pet Planet. The game is similar to the popular Ethereum game CryptoKitties, which almost broke the Ethereum network with its popularity at launch. Pet Planet is built on the Ethereum network and uses the TRX and GTC tokens as their payment system. It may appear like a simple child’s game but it is anything but!

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People who are unfamiliar with Cryptokitties might be unsure what is the premise of this game.  I mean, what do these dogs do?  You can’t pet them, they don’t bark, it seems like a sticker collecting game. In reality, the dogs don’t do anything. They are digital assets that are pretty much TRX tokens with an image. The game will be adding more features that will add different traits and rarities which will determine values. Some dogs may be worth 500 TRX while others just 200. These differences in price is where the game gets fun and players can profit. There is a market where pets can be sold, bought, traded, gifted, played games with, and all these pets and activities have a TRX value. Some may prefer to hold their little pups, while others can set up their own virtual pet stores and earn TRX. The game is still in its early stages and is still adding more and more features like upgrading and breeding your pets.

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Tron partnered with, a leader in blockchain technology games, so users will also benefit by receiving GTC tokens. Each time a user purchases a pet at a pet store, they will receive a GTC gift package that is randomly given to the user by the pet store (1 GTC = 5 TRX). GTC is also an ERC20 blockchain based digital currency that can be traded on the market (current price $.14 which is actually higher than TRX). The cost to open your own virtual Tron Dog pet store is currently 20,000 TRX. They availability of new stores is limited and time released, follow on Twitter as they usually announce when new pet stores are available to be bought.
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Pet Planet

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