What Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Thinks About Crypto

The Wolf of Wall Streets memes are probably one of the top memes used in the crypto space. We have seen every single scene of Leo DiCaprio spliced out of the popular box office flick into short, grainy gifs to express the various range of emotions one has in the crypto game.

How does the real Wolf of Wall Street, ex-conman Jordan Belfort, really feel about crypto currencies and the market in its current state? It appears Mr. Belfort is not a fan and is warning people to get out. Some of the points Belfort states in his case against crypto include all cryptos being stocks with no other use, especially when it comes to acting as real currency. He believes any news of regulation will be one step closer in banning cryptocurrencies in general as KYC processes will increase, as well as audits and freezing of accounts. He feels very strongly on the idea that the government will soon ban all trading of cryptocurrencies and a crash is coming very soon. Belfort believes in the future of block chain technology but believes the speculative market that’s driven by prices has nothing to do with blockchain technology.

Belfort spent 22 months in prison as part of an agreement under which he gave testimony against numerous partners and subordinates in his fraud scheme. Belforts latest business venture included business training workshops partnered with Australian employment company, Career Pathways. The business quickly halted operations and liquidated assets when an investigation took place and discovered that state-funded investments were used fraudulently.


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