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John McAfee Joins Advisory Board

John McAfee, Internet Security Expert, Extraordinaire, has announced via Twitter that he has joining team as one of their advisers. McAfee’s vocal support for the blockchain based, knowledge rewards system is even more evident as he urges users to participate in the on-going presale ICO.

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As we’ve seen in the past, many projects promoted by the security expert-turned crypto enthusiast go through the ‘McAfee Effect’ and experience large surges in price and popularity. McAfee acts as an adviser, has promoted, and has shilled quite a bit of coins in the past few months and even has been rumored to accept payment in order publicly support a project. McAfee has stated that the ICO has been audited by his team. ico began as a concept for rewarding and celebrating knowledge. Everyone possesses knowledge, and is shaped through their individual life experiences, but opportunities to share, showcase, and receive the benefit of one’s own knowledge can be scarce for most people. introduces a platform to applaud and reward users for sharing their knowledge. proposes a platform that will enable its participants to attain an immediate reward and validation through gamified learning, verification of expertise, and cutting-edge ad tech based technology. Website
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