Joe Rogan Discusses Potential of Cryptocurrencies With Tony Hinchcliffe

On Feb 15th, Joe Rogan and guest stand-up comedian Tony Hinchcliffe discuss the potential of cryptocurrencies if there was mainstream adoption. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast currently has over 2 million subscribers on Youtube and is the 7th most popular podcast on Apple iTunes charts. The JRE has been friendly with the crypto community for a while now and has featured Andreas Antonopoulos on several occasions (1, 2, 3).

In Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1079, Rogan and Hinchcliffe bring up the number one concern surrounding cryptocurrencies, security. They bring up the recent NANO hack on Bitgrail which resulted in the theft of over $170 million worth of NANO and left Bitgrail Exchange insolvent. Rogan feels there’s a current war between programmers and hackers but once holding crypto can be made more secure and wallets impenetrable, more people will be willing to jump on board.

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The two comedians also view the potential of cryptocurrencies from an artist’s/content creator’s benefit. Rogan ponders the possibility of huge artists starting their own coins which would then be used to buy and trade their merchandise. Artists could receive 100% of support from their fans and not have to go through a middle man. In addition, if an artist is big enough their coin could be valued high and be traded on the market or used to purchase other goods.

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There was also mention of the similar concept SteemIt, which is a blockchain based social media/blogging platform where users earn Steem Dollars. Users can publish their own content and readers can upvote giving the publisher Steem dollars, which can be used for many features on the site or traded and cashed out for fiat. Rogan mentions that the content creating industry is currently trapped in it’s old system where one has to get hired and go through someone else to achieve success. With platforms like SteemIt, creators can not only earn but make their own way when it comes to getting recognized for their work.

It seems the general consensus between Rogan and Henchcliffe is it’s all a bit confusing but if we can get past that and have everyone using crypto and blockchain systems, the changes to the world are infinite. If enough people adopt the new system the current state of politics can also be changed with blockchains, Rogan states, voting can be made a lot more transparent.

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