South Korea’s Top Crypto Policy Official Death Being Investigated

In South Korea, Jung Ki Joon was found dead in his home on Sunday, Feb 18th. Jung held the position of head of economic policy coordination, specfically cryptocurrencies, at the Office for Government Policy Coordination. South Korean police have currently presumed the cause of death as a heart attack and are conducting ongoing investigations.

crypto korea found dead

Jung was 52 and all though had no reported pre-existing health concerns, his colleagues have stated Jung was under an immense amount of stress from the pressure surrounding cryptocurrency regulation. In the past 3 months, South Korea has been under heavy divide amongst crypto investors and government regulators. Jung Ki Joon had a high position and took a big part in helping regulatory efforts on the crypto markets. Currently holding and trading in South Korea is legal so long as investors go through proper KYC procedures at a licensed exchange.


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