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Time Is Running Out For Ellen DeGeneres’s Community Donated Bitcoin Wallet

Earlier in the month of February, The Ellen Show had a short segment on Bitcoin which delighted many crypto enthusiasts. All though the segment was not a serious Andreas Antonopoulus type of talk, it was considered a positive to the crypto community to have such mainstream exposure to an audience of millions.

The overall message of the discussion was that Bitcoin’s future is promising, but very confusing for the average person who hasn’t been exposed to cryptocurrencies to navigate.

Shortly after the segment aired, the Bread App team decided to take this opportunity to set up a Bitcoin wallet for Ellen.

bread app ellen bitcoin

The Bitcoin community started to catch on and it appears over $15,000 USD has been donated to the ‘DeGerenous’ wallet.

Total and Transactions can be seen here:

bread ellen bitcoin

All though $15k is most likely chump change to the comedienne and talk show host, all Ellen would need to do is claim the wallet, receive the password, and the Bitcoin is hers to do what she so chooses with.

Bread App has put one last effort to get Ellen’s attention in becoming a Bitcoin holder as the deadline for the ‘DeGenerous’ wallet will be on March 1st. If unclaimed the Bread team will find a new recipient for the donated funds.

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