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During this 2018 crypto slump, many new entrants into the community are starting to realize making insane profits is not as easy as it once seemed. The sentiment of investing a small amount, hodling, and retiring in a few years may be a pipe dream that may take many years to come into fruition. The one positive upside that came along with the cryptocurrency hype is the progress of innovative blockchain projects and advancement of its technology in general.

While the future of the majority of different crypto tokens may be unknown, one certainty we can count on is that blockchain technology is here to stay. And since blockchain is still in it’s infancy stages, the demand is high while the supply of qualified or interested applicants is low.

If you have been wanting to get into the blockchain space but are unsure where to begin, Proof of Work Common App is definitely the place to start.

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The Proof of Work Blockchain Common App will allow people interested in working in the blockchain industry to apply to multiple companies at once. All you need to do is fill out one application and it will be sent out to all participating companies.

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There are currently 28 blockchain and cryptocurrency companies listed on the Proof of Work website, including Coinbase, ZCASH, 0x Protocol and more. The application is pretty broad and focuses more on what you can do instead of what a piece of paper from a university says you are qualified to do.

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You don’t need to only be a blockchain developer to apply, there are many positions companies are looking to fill. There is also a news section that gives frequent updates on what each company is currently working on and their latest news so you can gauge where the company is at and see where you can best contribute. This may be your best opportunity to get into the blockchain scene early and all it takes is ONE application.

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