Verge Asking To Crowdfund 75 Million XVG For Potential Partnership


Verge has posted a message asking supporters to help raise 75 million XVG by March 26 to help fund a potential partnership. The privacy currency claims the partnership will be the largest collaboration in the cryptocurrency market thus far.

verge crowdfund

With out going into much details, Verge describes the potential collaborator as a global network with high traffic sites that is looking to enter the cryptocurrency market. Apparently the unnamed organization is looking to partner with Verge and use XVG as their primary payment method for accepting crypto. Verge goes on to state the partnership represents an enormous potential market growth that will compete with multiple fiat currencies.

Video Release By Verge Founder Justin Vendetta Regarding The Crowdfund

The donated funds will be used to pay for a massive marketing campaign, which will potentially have a positive effect on XVG. The Verge team, led by founder Justin Vendetta, is looking to raise 75 million XVG. The current price for XVG is $0.037 so the target goal is around $2,775,000 million USD. The community has already raised over 10 milllion XVG. If the target goal is met, the announcement will be released Monday, March 26.

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