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Vitalik Buterin Calls Craig Wright a Fraud, Wright Responds


Shots have been fired, and its clear that Vitalik gives no fucks. During the Deconomy conference that’s currently being held April 3-4th in Seoul, videos of Vitalik calling Wright a fraud in front of a room full of attendees (and Craig Wright himself) were uploaded to the internet causing crypto Twitter to go wild.

After Wright’s presentation, which talked about the shortcomings of the Lightning Network, Vitalik stood up and asked, “Given that Wright makes so many non-sequiturs at this stage, why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference?” The question was met with a round of applause and cheers as many of the attendees seem to side with Vitalik and not Wright, who claims to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

After Vitalik called Wright a fraud, to double down, Joseph Poon stood up and stated he wrote the Lightning Network whitepaper and could not even understand Wright’s presentation.

In addition to the fraud claims, Vitalik was live tweeting commentary on the “Bitcoin, Controversy Over Principle” section during the conference. He went on a long 62 tweet thread that is a bit technical but still worth the read.

Wright took to Twitter a few hours giving a few short statements on the matter.


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