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Texas State Securities Board Issue Cease and Desist To Crypto and Medical Marijuana Investment Site


A cease and desist has been filed against Millionaire Mentor University, also known as the Financial Freedom Club, a site offering 8% weekly returns on cryptocurrencies and medical marijuana investments. The website, owned my Mark Moncher, claims investors can achieve financial freedom in just 30 days by investing in cryptocurrencies which will then be loaned to a medical marijuana organization in California.
tssb millionairementoruniversity

Much like many companies that offer exorbitant returns for small investments, Moncher’s site states an investment of $2,000 will produce a return of up to 50% a month, and 600% a year. If users cannot not put together the funds to invest, they can use their credit to get funds up to $500,000 in both personal and business funding. The only requirement for a business loan is having a corporation that is only 1 day old. If personals funds aren’t available, as well as a user having bad credit, the Millionaire Mentor University states they have a law firm with a unique legal process to remove all negative items from credit report in less than 14 days.

millionairementor fraud

On top of all the benefits stated so far, the Millionaire Mentor University offers several other ways to make money:

 1.    California Marijuana investment.   We have a contact with a marijuana investment paying $2,500 every 3 weeks on every $10,000 investment.  400% Return on investment.  Retire immediately.

 2.    Cryptocurrency mining.  We have a resource paying an average of 6% PER WEEK on this investment!  Pays weekly, with only a $2k minimum to start!

 3.    Forex trader.  You control you money, they have a proprietary software that generates 2%-3% per day in profits.  This requires a larger investment of over six figures.

 4.    “Be the Bank” income opportunity.   Simply help others with their upfront credit enhancement costs and get 2% of their funding!  $250,000 in funding for the client means $5,000 for you!  Every 45-60 days times as many clients as you want (we have many).  We call this the “Pay it forward” program.   Average ROI for helping these lucky people is around 100% ROI or 1200% a year!   Everyone wants and needs money!  

5.    “Joint Venture with our Financial Broker resource!  They know how to leverage your money up to 40 to 1!  They will pay your loans,  create a trust for you to reduce your taxes 98%,  and generate a passive, residual income of up to $12,000 a month and generating a MULTI six-figure balloon payment for you in the near future.

VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE!  Why buy single family real estate and make $100 or so a month in net profit while tying up your credit, your money, having to pay property taxes,  hire management, deal with empty rentals, and all the headaches that go with real estate.  What do you think a website is?  Its virtual real estate.  Its hybrid digital-physical piece of real estate that can produce MILLIONS a year in revenue.  We all know about, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc.  But the fact is there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of websites that produce BILLIONS in profits a year. Many of these websites are for sale,   just like real estate is.  We have resources who sell these virtual pieces of real estate with profits ranging from $300 a month to several hundred thousand dollars a month.   The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert at anything.  If you want AUTO-PILOT money this is a great way to do it.

11.   Oil Trading Platform.   Start with as little as $7,500.  This investment returns about 20% per month!  240% per year ROI!  The goal is to use Other People’s Money borrowed at 5% or 10% then invest it into returns that pay you 200%, 300%, 400% or more. If you want to be wealthy you must do what the rich do!

mark moncher fraud

In addition to the cease and desist, the Texas State Securities Board also accuse Moncher of hiding from investors the fact he was sentenced to 57 months in prison in 2010 by a federal court in Florida for a mortgage fraud scheme and committing mail and wire fraud.

The CnD list over 40 violations against Moncher and have ordered him to cease operations in Texas immediately. All violations can be seen on the public CnD order here.

Moncher can request a hearing within 31 days of receiving the order, and any knowingly violation of the order will result in a $5,000 fine and/or imprisonment for not more than 2 years.

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