5 Men Arrested in $1 Million Bitcoin Robbery Conspiracy


What started out as a drug investigation took quite a different turn as it wasn’t drugs 5 young men from Georgia were after. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested Trivette Adams, Matthew Schwartz, Jacob Smith, Michael McDermont, and Justin Ellison in connection with an alleged home invasion robbery conspiracy to steal $1 million worth of Bitcoin.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Narcotic Unit were tracking the men on a 4 month long investigation for which they believed was a drug ring case. On January 29th of this year, the narcotics unit intervened on Adams, Schwartz, Smith, and McDermont who were in possession of zip ties, latex gloves, duct tape, and bandanas. Shortly after the arrest the men were released due to lack of evidence.

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Further investigation revealed that the men were not planning a drug related crime, rather were conspiring to rob the intended target’s house for $1 million worth of Bitcoin.

Adams and McDermont were apprehended near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta while trying to flee by airplane. South and Schwartz were able to catch their flights and leave Atlanta, however, two Major Crimes Unit detectives in Chicago caught up to the criminals and extradited both with help from the Chicago Police Department.

There was a fifth suspect who was found to have been a co-conspirer to the case. Justin Ellison of Illinois was arrested on May 11 following an interview conducted by Illinois detectives in connection to the investigation.

11 Alive reports:

Trivette Adams, 20, of Pflugerville, Tex., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and criminal trespass;

Robert South, 21, of Norcross has been charged with residential strong arm robbery;

Matthew Schwartz, 18, of Hesperia, Calif., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery;

Michael McDermott, 18, has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and criminal trespass;

Justin Ellison, 20, of Worth, Ill., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony.

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