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Vitalik Posts Recruitment Email From Google and Polls Followers For Their Opinion


The young Ethereum developer and outspoken figure for the crypto-community, Vitalik Buterin, is apparently being sought after by Google. In a now deleted tweet (saved and capped by Cointelegraph), Buterin posted a screen shot of an email sent by Google seeking him to join the company as well a poll on whether he should drop Ethereum and work for Google.

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During the short time the poll was up, over 2000 people vote with the majority of votes going to No.  It is unclear why the tweet was deleted, most speculate the reasoning was due to Buterin not censoring the recruiter’s name and email. Buterin has yet to follow up or give his decision on the matter.

Google announced in March they will be working with blockchain technology for the cloud as well as various other online services so it does not come as a surprise they’re looking to recruit some of crypto’s brightest figures.


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