ZClassic Co-Founder Steals Armored Vehicle From National Guard Base


Joshua Yabut, the co-founder of ZClassic, was arrested and charged with stealing an armored vehicle from the Army National Guard base he was fulfilling his duty at. While Joshua Philip Yabut, 29, is not working for the National Guard, he’s also a developer who co-founded ZClassic, a fork of Zcash.


This undated image provided by Richmond City Sheriff’s Office shows Joshua Yabut. Yabut


Yabut is a first lieutenant assigned as company commander of the 276th Engineer Battalion and has more than 11 years of service. He also deployed to Afghanistan from 2008-2009 with the Illinois National Guard.

The National Guard said the tank was driven away during the routine training at Fort Pickett and was not equipped with any weapons at the time. Yabut did have his personal weapon on him, but it is said to not have any ammunition.

On the same day of the incident, Yabut tweeted a series of strange tweets and selfies. One where he even sends a tweet to the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto imposter, Craig Wright, saying he’s ready to move to London. Another tweet included a wikipedia article about the tank he was in as well as a map of the area near where he surrendered after leading the police on a 2 hour chase.

Police have said the investigation is ongoing and declined to comment on Yabut’s motivation  for stealing the tank, but they did state that he was under the influence of drugs when arrested.

Shortly after his arrest Yabut was taken to the Virgina’s Central State Hospital. Yabut told The Associated Press he was authorized to take the vehicle on a pre-planned route as part of a training exercise to gauge the police response. Yabut said his brigade commander, who he declined to name, told him to take the vehicle.

Yabut also denied claims that he was under the influence of drugs. When questioned about the alleged drug use, “That’s a big ‘NO’ with capital letters,” he said.

No bond was set when he appeared earlier Wednesday in Richmond General District Court. The National Guard have stated they are conducting an internal investigation and will determine appropriate actions once the investigation is complete.

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