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Binance Exchange Will Offer Euro Trading Pairs


The cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance gave a recent report to Bloomberg where CEO Changpeng Zhao stated Euro trading pairs will be added to the exchange this year. Binance currently only offers crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, with Tether USDT is the closest currency to the fiat dollar.

Binance recently made news for having difficulty finding an agreement with Asian financial regulators and making the decision to move operations to Malta. The lax crypto laws in Malta will make it so Binance will be able to accept EURO and possibly USD trading pairs in the future from their banks. Users will be able to deposit and withdraw with fiat, which will be a huge step forward for the exchange.

Changpeng Zhao has stated Binance currently has 9 million users, a huge increase from the 2 million this past January. The exchange has a daily trading volume that nears $1.5 billion.

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