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Potcoin Pumps Due To Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman, and North Korea


While the title may seem like obvious clickbait, these are the parties involved, and can be seen as a success for the cryptocurrency community. It seems as a direct result of the North Korea Summit, Potcoin has surged over 20 percent. Potcoin became an unofficial sponsor of the summit after retired basketball player Dennis Rodman arrived to help ease relations between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Rodman competed in Trump’s reality show, Celebrity Apprentice in 2013. That same year he visited North Korea on a Harlem Globetrotter’s tour and struck up a friendship with Kim Jong Un, an avid basketball fan. Rodman has since visited North Korea on several occasions, usually sponsored by various different companies and just to hang with his buddy Kim.

Dennis Rodman singing Happy Birthday To North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un.

As Forbes notes, the former basketball player is on good terms with both Trump and Kim, and arrived at the conference location of Singapore wearing a PotCoin T-Shirt. “Peace starts in Singapore,” the shirt reads, while also sporting a PotCoin logo and token symbol. Rodman became a sponsored ambassador for Potcoin last year when the cryptocurrency paid for him to travel to North Korea and be photoed wearing Potcoin merchandise.


After Rodman tweeted to his 351k followers about Potcoin and attending the Summit, as well as being photographed at various event wearing his Maga hat and Potcoin merchandise, the price of Potcoin surged over 20 percent.


potcoin cmc

While many are seeing the surge in price as a result from a publicity stunt and not an actual increase in substantial value, Rodman’s representation of Potcoin or any cryptocurrency is probably one of the largest adverts for crypto on such a large, global platform.

Potcoin is one of the oldest cannabis related cryptocurrencies which debuted in 2014. It’s price stayed pretty stagnant as the coin sat under $.01 for years, until it rocketed to over 40 cents this January’s bull run. It’s current price is $.09, up from $.07 before Rodman’s announcements. It’ll be interesting to see if the current hype around Potcoin can keep it’s momentum going after the summit.



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