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Vites Main Developer Passes Away, Project May Be Finished – UPDATE Vites Continues Forward


UPDATE 7/4/2018

An updated announcement has been made by the Vites Team following the recent passing of their main developer. The Vites project will continue with the remaining members of the team.

From the Vites Team

We are pleased to announce that the Vites project will continue. After the bad news a few days ago, the future of the project had been brought into great uncertainty. Many have left the group for that reason.

I am here now to share with you that we will continue the project with the community. I hereby announce a community takeover! In the past few days we have been serious about looking at the possibilities to continue the project. We went through the entire route until a certain point in the future and concluded that we were able to continue Vites with the remaining members of the team.

This project is going further in a different way than before because we do not want to make all the decisions alone. The success of a project is reflected by the strength of the community. With this we make an appeal to everyone who feels called to build/develop, to step forward.

In case of any questions you can always hop on discord and contact 2+2=4, Futurminded or Jelmer.
Discord invite link:

Best regards,
The Vites team.

In addition to the announcement to move forward, the Vites team is looking to fulfill the following positions:

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Previous Post 6/24/2018

In a shocking announcement given in the Vites Ecosystem Telegram, the Vites team announced the death of their main developer Nikita Aksakov. The team has stated Nikita passed away due to sudden cardiac arrest on June 22nd.  The team hasn’t officially said if this will be the end of Vites or not, they did state it will be impossible to continue the project in its current form.

All upcoming planned releases have been cancelled for the time being and the team have stated they will set up a buy wall at 400 WATS in order to buy back supply. The future of Vites remains uncertain as the rest of the team is looking for different options to continue and are taking suggestions on how to proceed.

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Suggestions can be sent with this form:

Considering this is crypto, there are quite a few critics claiming this is an exit scam, hence the announcement stating any disrespectful comments will be banned, it is best to hold out for more details during such a sensitive matter.

The Vites platform is a digital economy that runs on cryptocurrencies. The platform allows users to trade services and products in a secure environment with minimal fees.

Vites Official Website

Vites Ecosystem Telegram


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