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First Mobile Blockchain Game Meets $250k Crowdfunding Goal


The Loom network has been running a Kickstarter for the very first mobile blockchain based game, Zombie Battleground, and has announced over the 4th of July holiday that the $250,000 goal has been reached. The Kickstarter for the game began in June and had a deadline of mid-August to reach it’s goal.

zombie battle ground crypto



The Loom Network has built a fundamental infrastructure platform that’s goal is to help Ethereum scale. They have also put out some of first Ethereum Solidity tutorials like CryptoZombies, and most likely the reason we are seeing so many similar crypto trading card games pop up this year.

Their newest project, Zombie Battleground, will have a similar concept to trading and collectible card games. The game being built on the blockchain allows players to own digital cards that they can buy, sell, and trade to other crypto card enthusiasts. The game will be supported on the iOS and Android platforms initially and will include PC and MAC later. It may sound kind of silly, what is the point of owning a digital card that you can’t even hold in your hand? Tell that to the people who are collecting and investing in these digital asset collectible games, some even paying $10,000 – $100,000 for virtual kitties aka CryptoKitties.

Since the Zombie Battleground game has met their $250k goal a full month a head of schedule the developers are ready to start handing out contributor bonuses. Some of the rewards for contributing include early beta access, booster packs of cards, digital collector ebooks, and more. For those who make larger contributions, rewards include an actual card of a zombified you in the game, or even a trip to Thailand to hang with the developers.

Beta access keys are to go out in the upcoming months with the completed release of the game launching in May of 2019. While the initial Kickstarter goal has been met, excess contributions will go towards new goals that will be used to add more cards and features to the game.

Zombie Battleground’s Kickstarter

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