gobyte crypto racist antonio moratti

Chief Marketing Officer Of GoByte Makes Racist Statements About Asian Exchanges


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Have you heard of that hot new coin GoByte? Yeah, didn’t think so, well until today that is. GoByte, which is a cryptocurrency based on Dash that’s aimed at vendors to provide monetary services, seems to be a bit upset about the difficulty of getting listed on a few exchanges.

Earlier today the Chief Marketing Officer of GoByte, Antonio Moratti expressed his frustrations by making racist statements against cryptocurrency exchanges. While KuCoin was the only exchange listed by name, some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bithumb, OkEX, Huobi, and more are based in Asia or are ran by predominantly Asian teams.

Moratti seems to be upset that exchanges are charging a large fee in order for new coins to be listed on their platforms. Moratti goes on to call these exchanges, “a bunch of Chinese rice eatings faggots”. When confronted about the racism, Moratti states he just doesn’t like Kucoin, and if he’s being racist, you should see him really be mad.

gobyte crypto racist

gobyte crypto racist antonio moratti

While calling businesses you want you work with “Chinese rice eating faggots” most likely isn’t the best move…at least people are talking about your coin finally?

And just for reference, this is GoByte’s Chief Marketing Officer, Antonio Moratti.

gobyte crypto racist antonio moratti


Screen caps are unedited, taken from the official GoByte telegram where Moratti is an Admin.

GoByte Telegram https://t.me/gobytenetwork
GoByte Website

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