Winklevoss Twins Hire Ex-New York Stock Exchange Exec To Help Run Crypto Exchange


The Winklevoss Twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, have announced that they have hired ex-NYSE executive, Robert Cornish as the Chief Technology Officer for their cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. Cornish’s role as CTO for Gemini is the same role he held on the New York Stock Exchange. Cornish has also served under multiple executive positions for the International Securities Exchange.

Robert Cornish – New CTO of Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Twins see Cornish’s experience working for larger exchange as a perfect fit for the ever-growing cryptocurrency market and see Gemini being able to grow under his guidance. In a quote given to Forbes:

“He understands what a large, regulated, engineering organization looks and feels like. As much as we are a technology startup, we are also a regulated trust company. – While the New York Stock Exchange may be one of the oldest exchanges in the world…they have pushed the envelope so far that they are breaking sound barriers. There are things that New York is doing that nobody else in the world is doing, and those things happen to be very relevant to what Gemini is doing.”

-Cameron Winklevoss on Robert Cornish joining Gemini


Cornish will begin his position at Gemini exchange later this month as well as managing the deployment of Nasdaw’s SMARTS Market Surveillance technology which help monitor the exchange for illicit activity.

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