Elite London School of Economics To Begin Offering Online Cryptocurrency Course


The famed institute of financial learning, London School of Economics, will begin offering an online course on cryptocurrencies. The course will be called “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” and will open classes on August 28th of this year. The curriculum will include practical skills to interact with cryptocurrency exchanges as well as a how-to on using crypto wallets and evaluating ICOs.

The London School of Economics is the alma mater to 18 winners of the Nobel Prize and various world leaders including George Soros, Mick Jagger, Rajiv Shah, John Kennedy, and more. The schools motto is to “understand the causes of things” which fits perfect with why the need for cryptocurrencies developed and how new digital currencies can change society going forward.

The exponential growth and volatility of cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology underpinning them has led to a global interest in cryptoassets, ICOs and the distribution of digital wealth. Private organisations, individual investors, financial service firms, governments and regulatory bodies worldwide are taking note of this highly disruptive trend. And in such a volatile environment, it can be difficult for potential investors and businesses to make sense of, and accurately evaluate, cryptocurrencies and their uses.

-London School of Economics

The LSE online cryptocurrency course will be taught by Dr. Cartsen Sorensen, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Innovation and will cost 1,800 Euros.

Learn more about LSE’s Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption Course.

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