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Lufthansa Airline Getting Involved In Blockchain Hackathon


One of the largest airlines, Lufthansa AG, is teaming up with Unibright for the “Hackathon without a single line of code” event that’s being held at the Pillar Unconference 2018. The conference begins July 15th in Vilnius, Lithuania and is expecting to attract developers and entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. Some of the main events including seminars from tech leaders, keynotes, workshops, and a number of hackathons.


Unibright is an enterprise blockchain company and will work with Lufthansa in offering rewards to the best “developers” (no coding knowledge necessary) who participate in the “Hackathon with out a single line of code”. Hackathon participants will use Unibright’s no-coding-needed templates to work on visual definitions for real life case scenarios where blockchain technology will come in handy for Lufthansa Airlines. Some of the scenarios will tackle airline operational tasks like asset life cycles of plane equipment, the airline’s loyalty program, voucher management, as well as seating and booking management systems.

Stefan Schmidt, the CTO of Unibright, describes blockchain technology in its early stages and adding real use cases from large enterprises like Lufthansa will accelerate mass adoption. Winners of the hackathon will be rewarded flights and entry into a follow-up workshop where participants will work directly with Lufthansa, Unibright, and technology solution provider Zühlke later on in the year.

The Pillar Unconference will be held July 15 – July 22 in Vilnius, Lithuania.
See more details on the Pillar Unconference 2018

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