Vantum – Ethereum 3.0 Fiat Relay Smart Contracts and Masternodes


Ethereum 3.0 is here and Vantum is one of the first new blockchains to take advantage of all the benefits of Ethereum and make them work how they should for mainstream adoption. Vantum’s purpose is to help improve the scaling issues Ethereum currently has and make it more viable to integrate real world applications. The potential of cryptocurrencies can surpass traditional fiat greatly but the major set back is the ease of transactions.

While several virtual assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum can work as currency, the digital infrastructure that makes this a more convenient option is lacking. Whether it’s scaling issues or fees, once these problems are tackled, mainstream adoption will follow. Vantum is not looking to make the next big cryptocurrency that will compete with the top coins but to create an improved blockchain that’s looking to create a better gateway between fiat transactions and crypto.

The main way Vantum will help businesses or users looking to transact in cryptocurrencies are with its fiat-relay smart contracts that will enable trustless crypto-fiat transactions. This will help eliminate the steps from having to convert fiat to crypto, making a transaction in crypto, then converting the crypto back to fiat. Vantum will also offer public storage utilizing IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) for storage of files and content. Users can also create ANS (address name service) that will allow for custom domain names for wallet addresses.

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One of the more exciting features of Vantum is that it will be the second coin on the market to have masternodes on the Ethash algorithm. There will be 4 levels of masternodes that will secure the network and decentralize content and applications built on its chain as well as offer limitless scaling for applications. Masternodes are a way to rake in some nice passive profits by running a full node or computer wallet full time. Masternodes usually come with different features and benefits that include staking profits, community voting rights, and more.

Developers in the Vantum community are already anticipating Vantum’s mainnet release and have already created the first dApp produced on Vantum called VantX. Vantx will allow small and large businesses to do business in cryptocurrency while still earning revenue in traditional government-back fiat. The dApp was built specifically for the tokenization of corporate customer rewards and provides a system that will allow interoperability between other corporate reward tokens on the network.

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Token Sale

Vantum’s presale has started on July 24th and their public ICO will start September 1st,  and run untill November 1st, 2018.

Joining the presale will give a 70% BONUS where 1 ETH will = 2000VNT. Or you can join their stage 2 presale which begins August 15th, for a 30% BONUS where 1 ETH will = 800VNT. VNT price for the ICO on Sept 1st will be 1 ETH = 600VNT.

There are a total of 2,500,000 tokens for sale, and the max circulating supply is 21,000,000.

vantum crypto eth

Funds raised from the token sale will be allocated on administration operations, legal & advisory, marketing & sales, and business development and operations.

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