crypto litecoin Allows Litecoin Transactions Through Telegram and SMS


Zulu Republic has created a new project called which will allow sending and receiving Litecoin payments through Telegram or SMS. Users will only need a mobile phone or Telegram account. can benefit people who don’t have crypto wallets, or people who live in countries where the government censors the internet or has a ban on cryptocurrencies.

A smart phone is not even necessary as having just a SMS-capable mobile phone will allow transactions. will allow users to interact with Litecoin services using textual commands via Zulu’s backend LTC API system.

Users can just send a text or Telegram message to check their Litecoin balance, receive, and send Litecoin to anyone with a mobile phone number, Telegram account, or Litecoin address. Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, has tweeted support for the project stating will help with adoption. will be completely secure as private key data is not controlled by Zulu Republic. Private keys are instead RSA encrypted and not stored nor ever asked for by Zulu Republic. Users will always remain in full control of their wallet and funds.

The Zulu Republic is a blockchain ecosystem designed as a place where people can thrive, on their own terms. It’s motivated by the idea that decentralized collaboration is the human protocol of the future. and the Zulu Republic ecosystem are both managed by a Swiss non-profit organization, the Zulu Republic Foundation, whose mission is to advance the development of decentralized technologies, to promote human rights and empowerment around the globe, and to reduce the global digital divide.

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