Ethereum Co-founder Joseph Lubin Talks on Bubble and Says Ripple Isn’t Blockchain Technology


Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and Consensys goes on Bloomberg to talk crypto bubble and says Ripple is not a blockchain technology.

Lubin does recognize the current situation in crypto as a bubble that has seen exponential growth. With these bubbles comes great advantages Lubin says, as a lot of development, money, entrepreneurs, and overall prospect is brought into the market. While these bubbles may inevitably pop, the crypto ecosystem has grown in value and activity in improving infrastructures will continue and will fuel the price once more.

When Lubin was questioned on Ethereum’s progress in scalability problems in comparison to other coins that are a bit more centralized like Ripple or EOS, Lubin replies that Ripple is not a blockchain technology so it is not in the same category as a competitor. Lubin goes on to describe EOS as a slightly decentralized approach at building a blockchain system but is lacking the decentralized trust layer.

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