TenX Ready To Issue TenX Crypto Debit Card


TenX crypto wallet app makers have just announced they  recently had the final card designs approved by their issuer and physical cards will be ready to be mailed out soon. The TenX debit card will feature the owner’s name on the front with the card number on the back like traditional credit and debit cards. Users will be able to make purchases with any currency and even withdraw cash from any ATM around the world.   crypto tenx debit card

While they are no longer accepting pre-orders, they will move to a whitelist model for customers to obtain their cards. There is also a new account KYC verification process which all cardholders will need to complete to receive their card.

The TenX debit card will only be available in Singapore with the rest of the Asia Pacific following shortly after. European countries will be the next target, it is not stated if the card will be available to US residents anytime soon.

Learn more about the TenX debit card and join the waitlist at  https://tenx.tech/en/.


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