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Roger Ver Planning An ICO for


Bitcoin Cash’s most outspoken figurehead and owner of, Roger Ver, has announced he is planning an ICO and airdrop for Twitter user @Stoppt posted a short clip of Ver’s live stream where he gave the news.

Ver is heard saying,

“We’re probably going to do an ICO of some sort on the property and we’re probably going to airdrop it to every single Bitcoin Cash holder in the world. So if you want to get some free money just throw in some Bitcoin Cash when we’re ready to do that airdrop.”

All though details are still vague, many of the responses to the news are skeptical and are claiming this is an attempt from Ver and the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) crew, Bitmain’s JiHan Wu and Faketoshi Craig Wright, to get more BCH holders and pump the price.

It is not clear why the website would need an ICO, but it does seem that ICOs are still a buzzing trend in the crypto space and a quick and easy way to raise funds. Most US investors are forbidden from participating in ICOs.

Ver has been under constant scrutinization for his stance on “BCH is Bitcoin” and over the claims that BCH is the real digital currency that Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned for Bitcoin. Many do feel BCH is not problematic in itself and can be a viable currency, the backlash against Ver and BCH mostly comes from the view that Ver is being deceptive and trying to trick new comers into buying Bitcoin Cash while trying to buy Bitcoin.


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