Bibox Exchange Launches Entrepreneur Resource BiboxLab


During the 2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo in New York, Bibox co-founder Aries Wang announced the launch of BiboxLab. Biboxlab will bring together the world’s top token funds to consolidate quality resources to support start-up entrepreneurs in funding, technical guidance, mentoring services, branding and media, legal counseling and office spaces.

BiboxLab will be seeking out and screening qualified projects with innovative blockchain technology to help grow and incubate into successful companies. Their ideal candidates include projects that are practical with short-term landing possibilities, projects that look deep into innovative technology while embracing regulation and compliances, and projects that provide disruptive solutions to existing pain points.

Biboxlab will begin by investing in high-quality blockchain projects in North America and act as the one-stop solution for these projects. Aries Wang shared that the motivation behind establishing BiboxLab is to support and promote the applicability of blockchain technology across industries. BiboxLab will eventually look to Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions for quality projects as well.

One of their first participants is Vocean, a blockchain-based ecosystem where fixed income products such as bonds, loans, and derivatives can be issued, traded, settled, and risk managed.

Biboxlab also has a long list of partners including Bitmain, Blockwater Capital, T3 Labs, CryptoCapital and more.

Inquiries on how to work with Biboxlab can be sent here.
Learn more about BiboxLab.


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