Google Play Store Removes Bitcoin Wallets With No Notice



The Google Play Store has removed three of the largest bitcoin wallets with out any prior warning or explanation.’s bitcoin wallet, Bitpay, and Copay wallets have been taken down leaving developers and users wondering why and if the removal is a permanent move by the tech giant.

Bitcoin Cash’s spokesman Roger Ver believes there’s a connection to the removal and Google’s recent change to their Google Play Store policy banning apps that mine for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero. Apps that mine for cryptocurrencies are strictly forbidden, though Google still allows apps that can managing crypto mining remotely.

“Google told us that it was because they no longer allow crypto currency mining apps,” explained Ver, who believes the removal was a mistake on Google’s behalf. “I have no idea how they came under the impression that our wallet is a mining app.”

At the time of this writing‘s Bitcoin Wallet is back on the Google Play Store, though CoPay and BitPay remain offline. BitPay told Hard Fork they expect the app to back online soon, but didn’t explain what Google’s issue was with the wallet that prompted the abrupt removal.

It’s worth noting that the three wallets share a portion of the same source code, which could explain why all three apps were targeted.

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